Monday, May 10, 2021

The Figure Artist's Book of Anatomical Landmarks is now available for digital download!

My book, The Figure Artist's Book of Anatomical Landmarks, began as a photocopied reference guide for my anatomy students at a private art college in Chicago. It was filled with diagrams I'd made for use in the classroom but wanted students to be able to take home for further reference, both after class and after their formal education. 

Soon after I created the guide, I began receiving requests for it from artists outside of my class who'd heard about it. I eventually redesigned the whole thing, published in paperback form, and made it available the public. I have since sold hundreds of copies to figure artists around the world and, as it turns out, quite a few massage therapists and acupuncturists— professionals whose fields of study also require the understanding of the human body's bone and muscular surface landmarks.

Unfortunately I am almost out of print copies, and I don't plan another print run, so I'm now making it available for the first time in downloadable PDF format. The cost is $10 (US) and can be paid with Venmo using this link or with Paypal using this link. 

The Figure Artist's Book of Anatomical Landmarks is a quick reference guide to help the artist identify and understand the lumps, bumps, creases and depressions on the human body. Its clear, concise text and dozens of labeled photographs are organized by body region for handy reference. 

This book is best used in conjunction with more traditional anatomy books, as it is not a book of anatomical diagrams. It consists primarily of figure photos with the anatomical surface landmarks labeled and accompanying descriptions of each, much like those seen in sample spreads below.

More About Me
I have been a freelance medical illustrator since 1993, and I also teach anatomy and digital illustration at a private art college in Chicago. I attended the Biomedical Visualization program at UIC where I dissected cadavers, attended surgeries, stared into microscopes, and spent many late nights creating 2D and 3D renderings and animations of anatomy, cell structure, pathologies, and surgical procedures. I'm still illustration but have also fallen in love with teaching, in particular helping artists understand the structure of the human figure. 

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