Friday, January 3, 2014

Human Anatomy for the Artist Workshop Series in Chicago!

Happy 2014, everyone! I hope you all had a lovely 2013 that included plenty of friends, family, fun, and, of course, figure drawing. We Chicagoans are greeting the new year in bitter cold; we woke up to a soul-gripping (not to mention nostril-gripping) -9° this morning. I'm grateful to have a break from teaching for another few days. But as tempting as it is to stay home and huddle over the warmth of my laptop, this time of year also makes me want to gather together with friends and colleagues more often. Perhaps this is an instinct that we're more likely to survive this weather in the warmth of a group?

In any case, I'm happy to say I will be hosting a series of Anatomical Figure Drawing Workshops at the Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts here in lovely Chicago throughout this winter! There will be six workshops total, each focusing on a different area of the body. Each workshop is $40, which covers three hours of intensive figure drawing from a live model and a simultaneous lecture on the associated anatomy, including identification of bony and muscular surface landmarks, comparison of these to anatomical images, and discussion of each structure's variations.

Check out my flyer! My friend Michael Franck did this. Click on the image for easy-peasy sign up!

The first workshop will focus on the head and neck anatomy, and it is scheduled for January 26 from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. (Side note: Coffee is available a few doors down!) We will have a head model with no hair so we can see every bony and muscular landmark of the head, not to mention a gland or two and a few superficial veins. Now that, to me, is just as nice as a mug of hot chocolate and a warm fire!

Later workshops will include Anterior Torso (the chest and abdomen), Posterior Torso (the back), Shoulders and Arms,  Hips and Legs, and Hands and Feet. They will fall approximately one month apart and their dates will be announced as they are scheduled.

The Palette and Chisel is located at 1012 N. Dearborn in Chicago's lovely Gold Coast neighborhood. It is easily accessible from either the red or brown el trains and from the CTA bus. Parking within a few blocks is also fairly easy on Sunday mornings. And, as mentioned above, there is a little store a few doors down where you can get a fresh cup of coffee before class!

Class size is limited to 12, so sign up early! Go the Palette & Chisel's "Class Schedule" tab to sign up, or just use this link. A supply list will be emailed to you upon sign up (it's not much-- just note-taking and gesture drawing materials and other rendering materials of your choice for longer poses.) I hope very much to see some of you there. I would love to meet some local fans of Human Anatomy for the Artist!

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